Our Team

While we have many part time employees, the faces below show you the day to day staff you can expect to see on a daily basis.  We aim to promote a friendly environment without the "gun shop" feel that we all have come to dread. 


Jack Dudash

Jack has worked for b2 for nearly 7 years and is the General manager at b2.  He is accompanied by his dog bacon.


reno profile pic


Reno May

Reno manages all of our media and online presence in addition to being a full time salesman.  To see what he is up to you can check out his website


Cj Nuessle

CJ is a sales floor lead and manages our online sales. 



Ethan Stockton

Ethan has been working in the firearms industry for over 8 years now.  He is our Compliance Officer and ensures that everything is done legally and that your background check goes through without delay.  He is currently seeking a career in law enforcement. 

Thad Polen

Thad is a sales floor lead and is a firm believer that you can tell a lot about a gun by smelling it.

jared ov

Jared Overby

Jared is the(2nd Best) competition shooter of the group. He competes and organizes the Sonoma County Shooting Association monthly matches(where Reno has won twice in a row).  He is also the product training lead, making sure we are all up to date on the topics we need to know about.