Private Party Transfers(PPT)

Face to Face Transfers between California residents requires both parties to be present throughout the entire process of filling out the required state and federal paperwork. In most cases the DOJ requires the sale of a new lock with the transfer of a firearm. 


Dealer Record of Sale (D.R.o.S):  $25

Dealer Transfer Fee:                     $10

DOJ Approved Lock(if needed):  $9.99+tax


FFL Transfer

Transfers of firearms from another firearms dealer can be facilitated in our shop! We charge a small fee to cover the cost of labor as well as all state fees.  If you did not pay California sales tax on the gun when you bought it from the other dealer, it will be collected at time of payment.


Dealer Record of Sale (D.R.o.S):    $25

Dealer Transfer Fee:                      $10

FFL Transfer Fee:                           $100

DOJ Approved Lock:                      $9.99+tax

California Sales Tax: