B2 Enterprises

the north bay's Finest Gun Store


Located in Cotati, B2 is the North Bays largest firearms dealer.

Photos and Website maintained by Reno May

B2 opened its doors in 2008 out of the back of our owners warehouse.  David Baker, owner of BCC General Contracting saw an opportunity to turn a passion for firearms into another successful business.  Since our humble beginnings we have moved into a 6,000 square foot show room and have the widest selection of firearms and accessories in the county.

B2 prides itself in our firearms knowledge, and our commitment to always have the lowest prices of any locally owned shop in Sonoma County.  Our employees undergo extensive training on all aspects of firearms ownership.  We stay on the cutting edge of the market and are always informed on the latest and greatest in the industry. 

We participate closely with, and sponsor prizes for the Sonoma County Shooting Association monthly matches.  We have several members on the board and participate in all of the matches.  We hope to see you at the next one! For more information, click here.



(707) 794-0890



7950 Redwood Drive #6

Cotati, California




Closed Permanently



Our Team

While we have many part time employees, the faces below show you the day to day staff you can expect to see on a daily basis.  We aim to promote a friendly environment without the "gun shop" feel that we all have come to dread. 


Jack Dudash

Jack has worked for b2 for nearly 7 years and is the General manager at b2.  He is accompanied by his dog bacon.


reno profile pic


Reno May

Reno manages all of our media and online presence in addition to being a full time salesman.  To see what he is up to you can check out his website


Cj Nuessle

CJ is a sales floor lead and manages our online sales. 



Ethan Stockton

Ethan has been working in the firearms industry for over 8 years now.  He is our Compliance Officer and ensures that everything is done legally and that your background check goes through without delay.  He is currently seeking a career in law enforcement. 

Thad Polen

Thad is a sales floor lead and is a firm believer that you can tell a lot about a gun by smelling it.

jared ov

Jared Overby

Jared is the(2nd Best) competition shooter of the group. He competes and organizes the Sonoma County Shooting Association monthly matches(where Reno has won twice in a row).  He is also the product training lead, making sure we are all up to date on the topics we need to know about.

Our Location

7950 Redwood Drive #6
Cotati, California, 94931

We are the perfect stop for all your hunting and shooting needs.  Located at the intersection of Highway 101, and 116. Come in before heading west to Sebastopol. Stop in before heading north to Wine Country in Santa Rosa, Healdsburg, Napa, and Sonoma, or south before going to Petaluma, Marin, or San Francisco. 




Closed Every Third Sunday for Sonoma County Shooting Association matches.


Contact Us:

If you have any questions at all feel free to call us at (707) 794-0890. Or you can email us at info@b2enterprises.biz


Gun Safety is Everyone's Responsibility!


The Four Rules of Gun Safety

  1. All guns are always loaded.
  2. Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy.
  3. Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target.
  4. Be sure of your target and what is beyond it.


Other Things to Consider

Safe Storage

Secure storage of your firearms is critical to preventing theft, damage, or injury to loved ones.  Having your firearms stored in a lockbox or safe when not in use or in your control can prevent thieves or children from gaining access to your firearms.  We offer safes of all sizes, from small lock boxes, under bed safes, or even full size gun safes available for sale 7 days a week here at B2 Enterprises. If you need help finding the right one for you our staff can help point you in the right direction. 


Your current homeowners or renters insurance typically offers about $500 total coverage for your firearms collection.  Contact them to talk about increasing your coverage.  The NRA as part of your membership offers up to $2,500 for free. YOU MUST ACTIVATE THIS COVERAGE HEREClick here to join the NRA.